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77. Foreign Exchange Student Policy


Involvement in a foreign student exchange program can be a positive experience for Emporia High School. It can expose our students to cultures and values they have not encountered before; it can broaden their understanding of the world and of people in other places; it can stir an interest in the geography, politics, history, and economics of 

other nations as well as our own; and it can make our students more aware of the feelings held by the people of other nations concerning America and Americans. In order to enable our students to have these growth experiences, Emporia High School will accept foreign exchange students to the extent staff, facilities, equipment and supplies are available who meet the following conditions: 

The prospective exchange student:

1. Will have received approval by the principal of Emporia High School prior to the first day of school of the academic school year.

2. Must be sponsored by an exchange organization approved by Kansas State High School Activities Association.

3. Must be 16 - 18 years of age during the school year in which the student plans to attend.

4. Will submit academic records for review and evaluation by the principal prior to approval. Records shall include courses completed, grades earned and amount of time spent in class. Credits earned will be translated to the Carnegie Unit.

5. Will be placed in the appropriate class (sophomore, junior, or senior) by the principal on the basis of said review.

6. Will submit an official health record and record of immunizations.

7. Will be bound by all rules, regulations, and policies of Emporia High School and USD 253.

8. May participate in graduation exercises upon fulfillment of criteria set by the principal and consistent with the State Department of Education and school district policies. Foreign exchange students are not eligible to earn a diploma from Emporia High School.

9. Will present evidence of being proficient in English.


Additional limitations include:

  1. No more than two students from any one organization will be accepted. 
  2. No more than one student from any one country will be accepted.