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62. Required Class Load for Each Year


All students are required to enroll in eight (8) blocks (plus CAP/Activity Period) each semester. Exceptions to this may be granted for the following reasons: 

1. Senior students, with written parent permission, may enroll in an abbreviated schedule after their first semester. Students must enroll in the classes necessary to meet graduation requirements. Students wishing to participate in activities must meet all eligibility requirements. 

2. Senior students who work a minimum of 10 hours per week at an outside job may apply to enroll in Work Study. Senior students working during school hours may request their Supervised Work period be scheduled first or eighth block so that they may be enrolled in Supervised Work. Students should check with their counselor for credit possibilities for work-study. (Refer to BOE Policy JJ) 

3. Married students or students who are parenting are required to enroll in enough classes to progress normally toward graduation. 

4. Students wishing to enroll in college classes may do so providing they meet regular high school graduation requirements during their normal year. A student taking a college course who desires dual credit must check with his/her counselor before enrolling in the class and must have an official college transcript mailed to the registrar, at the student's expense, after completing the class. The dual credit scale is:

5 college hours - 1 high school credit 

4 college hours - 3/4 high school credit 

3 college hours - 1/2 high school credit 

2 college hours - 1/4 high school credit 

5. Those students who have spent four years in the high school and have not completed graduation requirements may enroll only in those classes needed to complete graduation requirements. 5. Students wishing to enroll with a combination of public and private school classes, must be enrolled in the combination full time (8 units of credit) unless one of the exceptions in this section applies. Verification of private school attendance is required. Proof of skills and knowledge and a transcript are required prior to enrollment in any class where a prerequisite exists. Classes that are co-curricular and require interscholastic competition are not advised for students enrolling in fewer than six units of credit during any semester at Emporia High School because the inability to compete may affect the student's grade in the class. 

6. Part-time students are not guaranteed enrollment during certain time slots or with particular instructors. All enrollment will be based on class section loads and personnel, equipment, and availability of materials.

7. The Emporia High School administration has the final authority on all enrollment issues. 

Any request for an exception to enrolling in eight blocks of educational activity must be made in writing to the principal.