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56. CAP Period & Counselor Assignments


Each student will be assigned a CAP teacher. Students not enrolled in a full schedule need permission from administration and their parents/guardians not to attend CAP. The student will be known and helped personally by an adult in the school. It is hoped that the student will feel free to seek the help and advice of the CAP teacher in enrollment. Students wanting to change their CAP teacher must have approval by administration. 

The student will also be assigned a counselor. All situations requiring changes in class assignments or final decisions on class changes should be handled through the counselor. 


CAP Period 

The purpose of CAP Period is to allow students to receive teacher directed CAP lessons, time to make up work that they may have missed, to allow teachers time to work with students to structure CAP conferences, to allow teacher to work with students on the Individual Plan of Study (IPS), and for students to participate in clubs and organizations. In order to travel to a teacher during CAP, students must gain prior approval of the teacher they wish to travel to and use and electronic hall pass. All students are encouraged to be involved in a club/organization. Membership or participation in extracurricular clubs or organizations requires enrollment in CAP/Activity Time.