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54. Requirements for Graduation


The following graduation requirements will be in effect for the Class of 2021 and after: Three (3) units of Social Studies. These three units must include at least one unit of World History, one unit of studies in American History, one-half unit of American Government, and one half unit of Social Studies electives. Four and a half (4.5) units of Language Arts. These four and a half units must include one unit of Freshman English, one unit of Sophomore English, one unit of Junior English. One half unit of Communication Arts and either one unit of College Prep English OR one unit of Senior English. 

One (1) unit of Fine Arts. This unit can be earned in any combination from the following areas:art, music, dance, theatre, forensics or other similar studies selected by the board of education. See the enrollment handbook or a counselor for the list of courses approved for Fine Arts credit. 

Three (3) units of Science. This requirement must include one unit of life science and one unit of physical science. Three (3) units of Mathematics including algebraic and geometric concepts. 

One-half (0.5) unit of Consumer Education. 

One (1) unit of Physical Education, (Freshmen required to enroll in one unit of Freshmen PE/Health.) which shall include a course on health. This requirement may be waived: 

a) upon a statement of a licensed physician that a student is mentally or physically incapable of participating in a regular or modified physical education program, or 

b) when such requirement is contrary to the religious teachings of such student, if a written statement, signed by one of the parents or the guardian of such student, filed with the proper authorities of the school, requesting that the student not be required to participate in such activities and stating the reason for such request. (Freshmen will be required to enroll in one unit of education for freshmen, which shall include a course on health, eight (8) units of electives.