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40. Lockers

LOCKERS (Refer to BOE Policy JCAB) 

Lockers will be provided upon student request. If for some reason it is desirable to change lockers, it must be cleared through the office. Lockers are the property of the school district and the school district reserves the right to conduct locker checks at any time. Students have no expectation of privacy in the lockers which they are assigned. The school is not responsible for losses from lockers, and it is the student's responsibility to keep his/her locker locked. If a student finds that someone else knows the combination of his/her locker, the student may request a combination change through the office. All students are responsible for the locker to which they are assigned. It is the student's responsibility to report a defective locker to the appropriate authority. Cost of repair or refinishing of any damage caused by vandalism will be charged to the student using the locker. This also applies to the lockers in the physical education area. 


1. Use only the locker to which you are assigned 

2. Always lock your locker 

3. Never give your combination to anyone