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33. Student Transportation

Parking (Refer to BOE Policy JGFF) 

In order to have parking privileges a student must purchase and properly display an EHS Parking Permit.

1. Students may park in any of the unrestricted areas of the parking lots. Students parking in restricted areas, such as faculty, visitor, office personnel, plus any other restricted no parking areas, may be subject to a citation or towing at the owner's expense. 

2. Parking information and permits should be picked up during registration or in the Attendance Office during the school year. The parking permits should be displayed on the upper right hand corner of the front window or hanging from the rearview mirror. Vehicles not displaying the proper parking permit are subject to a citation. 

3. In order to purchase a permit, it is necessary that the vehicle registration information be presented (it should be kept in the vehicle, according to law). 

4. Seniors are able to purchase a parking spot through the Student Council near the front entrance if they wish to purchase. 

5. Temporary permits for $1.00 each day (limit of 5 days) may be obtained if there are extenuating circumstances. 

6. Transferring or selling permits to unauthorized persons will result in the loss of the parking permit and disciplinary action. 

7. The school assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen permits. However, students should report lost or stolen permits to the office as soon as possible. 

8. Students are reminded that all city ordinances apply to traffic on school streets and parking areas. 9. Failure to comply with traffic ordinances while driving on school streets and parking areas may cause a student to lose driving and/or parking privileges on school property. 

10. Upon arrival at school, students are to park their cars, lock them and proceed immediately into the building. 11. Students are not to loiter in the parking lots. 

12. Students are not to go to a parked car without prior permission from an administrator during school hours. 

Parking Violation Procedures: 

1. All Emporia High School parking violations carry a fine of $5. Violations such parking in a handicapped space or in a fire lane will result in a parking citation written by the Emporia Police Department and may carry a different fine. 

2. Citations must be paid within (10) ten school days from the date of issuance. Failure to pay the citation will result in a Wednesday / Friday detention 

3. All appeals must be made within (5) five school days of issuance. All appeals must be made through the Security Officer. 

4. If a citation is unpaid at the end of (10) ten school days, a letter will be sent to parents of the violator explaining the following consequences: 

a. Vehicles may be towed at the owner’s expense if parked in EHS lots. 

b. If violator is a student with an EHS parking permit, the permit may be revoked for the remainder of the school year and he/she may not be able to purchase a parking permit for the next school year. c. If a violator is a student without an EHS parking permit, he/she may not be able to purchase a parking permit for the next school year. 

5. Any student who receives three or more parking citations during any school year may forfeit his/her current parking permit and may not be able to purchase a parking permit for the next school year. 6. If a student is a senior, his/her diploma will be held until all parking fines have been paid. 



The school’s major concern while transporting students to and from school is SAFETY. To ensure safety, good behavior on the bus is required. The bus is an extension of the classroom, and the driver is in charge of all students while they are boarding, riding and leaving the bus. The driver may assign seats to students. In the interest of order and safety on the bus, students are expected to behave in a reasonable manner. Undesirable student conduct may lead to disciplinary action and loss of riding privileges. 

Examples of undesirable behavior on the school bus are: 

1. Failing to comply with a reasonable request from the driver 

2. Extending any part of the body out of bus windows 

3. Leaving seat while the bus is in motion 

4. Using tobacco 

5. Using or possessing alcohol or illegal drugs 

6. Eating or drinking on the bus 

7. Transporting animals 

8. Bringing any item on the bus or behaving in a manner which may harm or disturb other students or distract the driver 

9. Vandalizing the bus or tampering with its equipment 

10. Failing to be quiet at railroad crossings 

Items too large to be safely held while students remain seated may be stored in a designated area. If seating arrangements do not allow room for these items to be safely stored without blocking aisles or exits, the students will be asked to make other arrangements for transporting these items. 


Parents may request that their children remain at school until regular dismissal with no transportation provided by the district. Parents may request an alternate delivery point (neighbor or relative) provided it is on the usual route. In the rural area, bus drivers will observe students until they are in the house. If the house is not visible, students will not be allowed to depart from the bus. Bus students not delivered to their homes or alternate designated location will be taken back to Emporia High School. Shelter, food and other necessities will be provided. 



Parents may request that children remain at school until regular dismissal time or until an authorized adult picks them up. 

Attempts will be made to telephone parents of students who are unsure of where to go upon being dismissed.