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31. Student Activities


The principal shall be responsible for approving all student activities. All school-sponsored activities shall be supervised by an adult approved by the administration.

1. Request for activities/organizations planning activities or fundraising projects (no raffles) during the school year should obtain an activity approval form from the administrator in charge of activities. This form should be completed and signed by the organizational sponsor and returned to the activities director at least two weeks prior to the activity. Arrangements for special equipment or transportation should be brought to the activities director's attention. 

2. In order to participate in activities, students must be passing at least six classes if enrolled in seven or eight blocks OR passing all classes if enrolled in six or fewer blocks during the present semester. 3. Rules concerning student conduct will apply at all school-sponsored activities. 

4. Students leaving a school activity by request or voluntarily will not be given a refund. 18

5. All students must arrive at EHS dances no later than one hour after the scheduled start of the dance. Exceptions may be made with prior permission of an administrator due to school activities and emergencies confirmed by a parent or guardian. No student and his/her date will be allowed to return to a school-sponsored dance if he/she leaves the building and/or dance area during the time the dance is taking place. All students must display a valid student ID to enter. 

6. Junior-Senior Prom: Only Emporia High School students in at least their third full year of high school and their dates who must be in their third full year of high school or older are allowed to attend the Junior-Senior Prom. Any EHS student who brings an out-of-school date may be required to provide written verification that their date is in at least their third full year of high school or past high school age. Dates who are not attending high school but are of high school age will be required to meet the above standard as if they were attending school. 

7. All guests at EHS dances must be registered and approved in advance with the activities director. No guests are allowed at the Back-to-School Dance and the Winter Sports Dance. Out of school guests are allowed at Homecoming and Prom. Middle School students are not allowed to attend EHS dances. 

8. Students who violate school rules at dances will receive consequences similar to consequences received for violation of school rules at any other school activity and will not be allowed to attend the next two dances.