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Capturing Kids’ Hearts Survey

Capturing Kids’ Hearts Survey

Capturing Kids’ Hearts

Student Survey

As part of the Capturing Kids’ Hearts process, Emporia High School is gathering feedback from students, parents and staff.  It will use the information to guide next steps in the implementation of the Capturing Kids’ Hearts process.  EHS will be sending an opt-in form to gain parent permission so their child may participate.  Only students returning an opt-in form indicating they may participate will complete the survey.

Students will rate the following questions with “always”, “often”, “sometimes”, “rarely”, or “not at all”.


  1. My teachers greet me with a smile and positive tone as I enter class each day.

  2. My teachers use activities to create connections and relationships with students.

  3. I have one or more teachers who know more about me than my grades.

  4. We start each class period sharing Good Things or celebrations.

  5. My teachers and/or students as follow-up questions about Good Things students have shared.

  6. My teachers celebrate when students do something good.

  7. Students have opportunities to affirm and/or celebrate each other.

  8. My fellow students and teachers make it known to me that bullying isn’t tolerated.  My peers do not stand for bullying.

  9. If I had a problem, I would be comfortable talking to a teacher, staff member or leader at school.

  10. My teachers care about me.

  11. My teachers treat me with respect.

  12. We have developed and posted classroom Social Contracts.

  13. We refer to our classroom Social Contracts on a regular basis.

  14. My teachers use Social Contract Raters and Affirmers to seek feedback.

  15. We use hand signals (such as signals to bring the class to attention or to stop side-bar conversations) in our classrooms.

  16. I know what happens and what the consequences are when I don’t follow our classroom Social Contracts.  

  17. My teachers use our classroom Social Contracts to address misbehavior.

  18. My teachers use our classroom Social Contracts to celebrate positive student behaviors.

  19. Students help to lead and support Capturing Kids’ Hearts Processes, such as greeting at the door, leading Good Things, following Social Contract and using Launches in the classroom.

  20. When students don’t follow our classroom Social Contracts, consequences are consistent.

  21. My teachers and/or students dismiss class with a Launch or short motivational message.

  22. I like going to school most days.

  23. I like my teachers.

  24. I have good relationships with my teachers.

  25. Students treat each other respectfully.

  26. My teachers encourage me to be the best student I can be.