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2023-2024 Inclement Weather Information

2023-2024 Inclement Weather Information

Please be assured that the safety of our students and staff is our highest priority during all threatening weather conditions and emergency plans are in place.  As we all know, Kansas weather can change quickly and become highly unpredictable and dangerous.  Decisions regarding cancellations and delays will be based on what is safest for students and staff of Emporia Public Schools (EPS).  While we work collaboratively, choices made by other districts or by local higher education institutions may or may not influence the final decision made by EPS because of districts and institutions that differ in size or the operational procedures of that institution. Highlights of the Emporia Public Schools emergency weather safety procedures are outlined below.

Inclement weather:

We have a team of administrators who watch and monitor weather predictions.  A decision on any cancellations or late starts will be made based on the team’s observations for the safety of our students and staff.  Our team will be looking at the following:

  • actual and projected snowfall or ice accumulation

  • evaluation of city streets, road conditions, and the ability of buses to travel safely

  • status of power and heat to buildings

  • temperature and wind chill factor, wind chill chart

If the weather team determines that conditions are such that the overall safety of students and staff would be jeopardized, every effort will be made to cancel school by 6:00 AM.  Under certain conditions, the team may elect to cancel or delay the start of school the night before.  On days when school is already in session and conditions deteriorate during the day, the district’s weather team will meet to decide the status of after-school and evening activities.  Cancellation and delayed start decisions will be shared through the same communication channels used for all school closings.

Lightning and severe storms: 

(Adapted from the Kansas State High School Activities Association:)

  • School officials monitor the weather during practices, competitions, and all daily outdoor activities.

  • When thunder is heard or cloud-to-ground lightning is seen, all outdoor activities and indoor swimming pool activities will be suspended immediately, and students will be taken to a safe location.

  • Once an activity has been suspended, it will be at least 30 minutes from the last sound of thunder or lightning strike witnessed before activities resume.  Any new occurrence of lightning will begin a new 30-minute waiting period.  (At night, lightning flashes may be seen from distant storms.  In this case, suspension of activity will be determined based on the storm’s path and current location).


  • School officials monitor weather conditions when it is possible the weather may turn severe during the school day.

  • Anytime a tornado warning is issued for our community or an area in which we have students, tornado shelter procedures will be followed.  Students, staff, and any visitors will be directed to a designated shelter location at each school.

  • If students are on a bus, they will be taken to the nearest school, and tornado shelter procedures will be followed.

Cancellation and Late Start Communication to Parents:

All weather-related communication to parents will occur through the following channels:

  • SchoolMessenger for calls and texts

  • district website:

  • district social media: Twitter (@Emporia253) and Facebook (Emporia Public Schools)

  • local media: 1400 KVOE AM/96.9 FM &

Parents, please make sure you are receiving school notifications. Information for school notifications is exported from your student's PowerSchool account. PowerSchool information can be updated by contacting your student's school.