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Weight Training Programs

A weight-training program for athletes will be conducted under the supervision of a

qualified teacher or coach selected by the athletic director and principal.

a. Purpose Statement: The purpose of weight training is to allow student athletes

to become physically fit and compete in activities in a safe and healthy manner.

b. Possible times for programs: Specific times will be determined for each

program and season.

Summer – 1 program - Starts the second week of June and ends the second week

of August (10 weeks total); morning program

Fall – 1 program - Starts the second week of September and ends the first week of

November (9 weeks total). Program may be offered in the morning or after


Winter – 1 program - Starts the first week of January and ends the last week of

February (8 weeks total)

Spring – 1 program - Starts the third week of March and ends the second week of

May (9 weeks total)

c. Records and Reports: Complete records of attendance and progress must be

kept for each participant. Copies of these records must be submitted to the athletic

director every two weeks.

d. Supervision: The staff member in charge shall provide total supervision and

direct contact with students at all times.

e. Off-Season Program: Any off-season program set up by the high school must

follow strict guidelines of the KSHSAA. Running, weight training, calisthenics

and agility drills may be used as part of the off-season program as long as the

following conditions are met:

i. Participants furnish their own clothing.

ii. Specific equipment pertaining to a particular sport may NOT be used.

iii. All programs must be open to anyone enrolled in the school.

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