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Rule 10 Supervised Aides

1. These individuals do not have a Kansas teaching certificate.

2. Rule 10 supervised aides are hired through the district’s classified procedures. All
paperwork goes through the Human Resources office.

3. The athletic director must apply to the KSHSAA Executive Board for permission to use
individuals who are not certified. See Qualification of Coaches and Music Directors, Rule
10 portion of the KSHSAA Handbook for further information.

4. Rule 10 supervised aides are required to attend training as required by the KSHSAA

5. All new hires must be approved for employment by the Emporia Board of Education at a
regularly scheduled meeting. The athletic director should contact the Human Resources
office, 341-2222 regarding the process to recommend the new coach for employment.
The board must approve the coach for hire prior to the beginning of their work.

6. After required employment paperwork is completed, a Payment Authorization for
Coaches form should be processed by the athletic director. See next page for example.

7. Rule 10 supervised aides are hired as classified staff and must complete FLS forms.

  • Rule 10 Coaches' Information