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Returning to an Athletic Team After Injury/Illness

It is the student-athlete’s responsibility to report all injuries to his/her coach and the trainer.
Athletes and coaches are required to keep the school trainer updated on their condition and work with the school trainer before being cleared to resume practice/competition. In the case of injury requiring medical attention, the trainer will require documentation from the student-athlete’s licensed physician for him/her to return to practice/competition. Any athlete who is seen by a doctor must be released (written release) by the doctor that treated him/her to resume participation with the team. It is the athlete’s responsibility to get the release to the athletic trainer/athletic injury assistant; do not leave this responsibility to some other person (coach, teacher or friend). This release must be filed with the school nurse. Athletes receiving treatment and/or X-rays from an emergency room, or an acute care facility, must follow up with a physician for medical clearance, if not specifically stated in the emergency room release, before the athlete is allowed to return to play. Medical clearance to return to sport (from the physician) must be in writing and on file with the athletic trainer, before an athlete can return to his/her sport. There are no exceptions!

The objectives of the district sports medicine program include: to work towards prevention of
athletic injuries, to care for those injuries that occur during practices and/or games, and to
complete recovery through rehabilitation so that the athlete can return to competition as safely
and quickly as possible. These objectives are attainable with the cooperation of athletes, parents, coaches, and medical personnel. Emporia High School is equipped with an athletic training room, which is utilized for all sports. The athletic trainer and athletic injury assistant directly supervise the athletic training room.

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