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Responsibilities and Training Room Policies

A district-employed athletic trainer or athletic injury assistant may be in attendance at all
Emporia High athletic events except for golf, tennis and swimming.

Trainers, not coaches, are responsible for administering initial medical procedures
necessary in the case of an athletic injury. Trainers must be fully trained in the protocols
of treating athletic injuries and operate within those guidelines. Furthermore, no coach
should suggest a course of treatment or rehabilitation without first consulting with the
athletic trainer or athletic injury assistant.

The trainer must keep accurate records of athletes’ injuries, treatment schedules and
referrals to medical specialists. Athletic trainer or athletic injury assistants are responsible
for providing the school nurse and administration with periodic updates on training room
activities. Such updates can involve both the general level of activity in the training room
and the conditions of individual student athletes.

The school-employed athletic trainer or athletic injury assistant must also select and train
student athletic trainer or athletic injury assistants who will be dispatched to the teams to
perform various functions specific to athletic training. Such tasks would include keeping
records, administering minor first aid, stocking and supervising the medical kit, wrapping
ankles or otherwise applying protection to body parts prone to injury, and assisting the
head trainer or licensed physician at the site of an injury. Student trainers are not to be diagnosticians.

The head athletic trainer or athletic injury assistant, not the coaches of the various sports,
is responsible for purchasing medical supplies with the assistance of the athletic director.

Coaches should advise athletes to stay out of the training room unless prior arrangements
for treatment are made. There is neither space nor time for loitering there. Also, no
athlete will be allowed to treat himself/herself unsupervised in the training room.

Water jugs, kits, etc. must be checked out from the training room and checked back in at
the return of practice or competition. These items are not to be taken without notice.

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