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Public Relations

a. Coaches should report game results immediately to the media after the completion

of the game.

b. Coaches are expected to be strong leaders and continually work toward


c. Public relations is an ongoing process.

d. Coaches should not discuss individual players with anyone except the coaching


e. Coaches should not criticize players’ mistakes except to coaches, who should

rectify the players’ mistakes.

f. Coaches are expected to use professional ethics in speaking about the athletic


g. Coaches are encouraged to speak personally with as many people as possible who

attend athletic contests.

h. Coaches should be aware they are in the public light and act accordingly.

i. Coaches should congratulate players and members of the coaching staff on their

achievement and sportsmanship, regardless of whether the team wins or loses.

j. Coaches are expected to make parents, players, vendors, media, etc. feel welcome

and free to come again.

k. Coaches should not suppress news that may turn into vicious rumors if not told

fully and correctly.

l. The team’s actions, attitude, behavior and appearance reflect on the school and

town, and coaches are to instruct the coaching staff accordingly.

m. Coaches are expected to cooperate fully with members of the media and school

paper, on matters of athletic publicity. Accurate information should be given at all


n. Coaches should exhibit good sportsmanship at all athletic contests, regardless of

the outcome of the game.

o. Coaches should stress cooperation between the athletic staff and other members of

the faculty.

p. Coaches should generate the idea of winning with team effort and good


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