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Employment of Assistant Coaches

a. The head coach identifies final candidates for assistant coaching positions at least

six weeks prior to the beginning of the season.

b. The head coach obtains a minimum of two work-related references on each


c. The head coach submits applications and references on final candidates to the

athletic director.

d. The athletic director and head coach jointly select assistant coach(s) for the


e. The head coach notifies selected candidates and asks that person to report to the

district Human Resources office to complete employment paperwork.

f. The head coach assigns duties and responsibilities to assistant coach(s) and

communicates those expectations.

g. The head coach is responsible for supervision of all assistant coaches and

reporting performance to the athletic director upon request.

h. Assistant coaches are responsible for completing all required employment

processes and paperwork prior to beginning work.

i. Assistant coaches are responsible for actively supporting the school, program and

decisions of the head coach.

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