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Communication with Athletes/Parents/Guardians

a. Communication is a cornerstone to relationships. This is especially true in the

coach-athlete relationship. Within this relationship, difficult issues must be dealt

with at times, including discipline, player performance and player dissatisfaction.

Proper communication results in the positive resolution of such issues, stronger

coach-player relations, and other benefits such as the student learning how to

solve problems.

b. Parents also have a relationship with their child's coach, and communication is

equally important to this relationship. Parents may feel the need to step in on

their child's behalf. Whatever the motive, proper communication will enhance

coach-parent and coach-player relations.

c. The following is a guide for coaches, parents and student-athletes. This guide

provides a chain of communication that will maintain and build positive


Step One: Coach-Athlete Session
If a player or his/her parent has any issue or problem with the sport experience, the
student athlete is expected to address the coach. Students are also encouraged to talk
with a coach about any issue in their personal or academic life. The district's
expectations of coaches include open communication and positive relations.

Step Two: Coach-Parent-Athlete Session
If an issue has not been resolved in Step One, the next step in the communication
process is a meeting with parents. The guideline here is to make an appointment at the
coach's discretion. If the issue is emotional, the appointment should be scheduled at a
later time so parties are calm and problem-solving can occur. Also, the parent or
player should define the purpose of the session when the appointment is made. In this
step, there may be rare cases when it may be best if the athlete does not participate in
the session. If either the parent or coach feels this is the case, this decision should be
discussed when making the appointment and purpose of the meeting.


Step Three: Administrator-Coach-Parent-Athlete Session
If an issue is not resolved in Step Two, the next step may be initiated by any party.
Using the same process as above, an appointment is set and all parties define the
purpose of the meeting.

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