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a. Awards to athletes will be governed by the KSHSAA handbook.

b. Coaches will turn in a complete list of all letter winners to the athletic director no

later than one week after the final contest of the season of each sport.

c. Award letters to the athletes will be based upon but not limited to:

i. The amount of participation in an interscholastic varsity sport by an


ii. The athlete’s attendance at practices

iii. Whether the athlete has participated in a sport for four years and never


iv. The recommendation of the team coach in cases where there are special


d. Types of awards

i. First-year letter winner will receive a letter, sport emblem, bar and


ii. Second-, third- and fourth-year letter winner will receive a bar and


e. The presentation of the letter, sport emblem and bar will be made after the season

of each sport officially ends.

f. The criteria for lettering in each sport will be submitted to the athletic director for


g. Senior recognition nights will be held and agreed upon between the head coach

and athletic director.

h. Coaches will collaborate with the athletic director for recognizing state qualifiers

and teams.

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