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Athletic Permission & Physical Examination

a. To be eligible for participation in interscholastic athletics/spirit groups, a student
must have on file with the superintendent or principal, a signed statement by a
physician, chiropractor, physician's assistant who has been authorized to perform
the examination by a Kansas licensed supervising physician or an advanced
practice registered nurse who has been authorized to perform this examination by
a Kansas licensed supervising physician, certifying the student has passed an
adequate physical examination and is physically fit to participate (See KSHSAA
Handbook, Rule 7).

b. Students must have the signature of their parent or guardian before they can
practice or participate in an athletic contest.

c. The physical exam must be obtained after May 1 for the following school year.

d. Emergency medical treatment cards must be signed by a parent, notarized and
returned to the coach prior to the first practice.

e. The medical cards can carry over to sports later in the same academic year

f. Concussion and substance abuse forms must also be turned in by the individual
student once per school year.

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